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HyperVerse Update

Bitcoin Beauty Leadership Update Nov 11,2022

1. The Hyper Recovery Plan is already in effect. On August 16, HyperBond was introduced during Phase 1. Its utilization will be maximized and utilized in the next phase.

2. HyperCosmos, a community pilot program developed for the metaverse within HyperVerse, will be the second phase of the Hyper Recovery Plan. It will be released in the final week of November.

3. Despite the various tech obstacles encountered during programming and development, the HyperCosmos still come to fruition and is pending launch. Currently, it is still undergoing a series of intensive closed-beta testing to assure the platform's functionality.

From -Dee- to Everyone 10:14 AM
4. The liquidity issue in HV is massive and persistent. It would take a longer time frame to find suitable answers/solutions.

5. HyperCosmos is simply one product introduced for the Hyper Recovery Plan. A series of product solutions will be periodically released over the next couple of months.

6. Currently there is a lot of misleading material being circulated that states offering customers a guaranteed 1x recovery via Metamask, pending withdrawal cancellation, and/or other such things.

Let us emphasize this again - Unless it comes from us, or the corporation, any information that you've heard or received is deemed invalid.

Please stay tuned for further information from the official source to keep yourselves informed. We will make official announcements through our verified channels only once the Corporation provides the approved information.


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