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Behind MLM - HyperVerse's Rebuttal

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Here is a recent article that says a Lawyer is hot on their trail as they are accused of blackmail and extortion: https://nowopo.com/content/a-blackmailer-who-sells-himself-as-a-serious-journalist.html



HOPE HILL - HV Compliance

Every country is struggling to figure out how to manage, regulate and tax crypto. That's been going on for ages, and India is no different.

I don't stress about stuff like this in any way.

Just a heads up, this article mentions in passing that Hyper is having some sort of investigation by SEC . . . which is completely untrue. Obviously just by mentioning that, whether true or not, it can create confusion and doubt.

One more note: A Ponzi relies on a continuous stream of new money to pay out existing members. Stop the stream of new money and it falls apart.

Hyperfund is not a Ponzi. HyperVerse rewards would continue like clockwork even if not a single new person bought a membership from today on.

Watch one of the corporate presentations for clarity on the massive financial resources of the Hypertech group and how they generate their revenue.

Visit this site for some additional information:
Note HyperVerse was formally called HyperFund.